assessing you and your baby

Dr. Mansour recommends genetic carrier screening and non-invasive prenatal testing with pregnancy. Genetic carrier screening assesses you as a carrier for a number of genetically linked diseases. If you test positive as a carrier, we will test your partner to determine if they are a carrier of the same genetic variation. Genetic carrier screening is only done once in your lifetime. At the same time, we recommend non-invasive prenatal testing. This testing analyzes your baby's DNA from the placenta and is done with each pregnancy. This testing screens for chromosomal abnormalities and is not diagnostic. Diagnostic chromosomal analysis is only done through amniocentesis. Based on your age and medical history Dr. Mansour will recommend specific testing. More information is provided on each test below. These tests are billed separately by the laboratory and it is your responsibility to determine your individual insurance coverage and possible out of pocket expenses.